The Stroke Book

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 The STROKE book is available now! – Also on CD as a pdf.

Authors: Trevor & Jacklyn Savage

True story of an Australian Stroke Survivor Miracle as told by the survivor an d those close to her.THIS BOOK JUST RELEASED 22nd June 2012

On Monday 4th July 2011 Jacklyn, Trevor’s wife, suffered a massive stroke early in the morning. Being asleep one minute, waking to find that she was not breathing, and not really knowing what had just happened, Trevor reacted instinctively and performed FIRST AID, called the ambulance paramedics on TRIPLE ZERO immediately, waited twenty minutes and then followed the ambulance to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) where a special team of doctors performed an Embolectomy and Angioplasty, removing a large blood clot from her Basilar Artery and inserted a stent in the collapsed artery.

During this experience she also suffered two Cardiac Arrests, one in Emergency before the operation and one after it.

She was in ICU for less than two days, then moved to Stroke Rehabilitation for two weeks and then transferred to the Brighton Rehabilitation Centre on the north Brisbane area just before the bridge across Bramble Bay to Redcliffe Peninsula.

After six weeks at this Rehab Centre she was discharged and returned to The Sanctuary, their home at Cashmere on the northern side of Brisbane. With the assistance of her husband Trevor, a Naturopath and Kinesiologist, she has made a remarkable recovery and as at 1st December 2011 most people who meet Jacklyn cannot believe that she has experienced what she did on 4th of July the same year.

FIRST AID should be learned by every Australian because no one knows when a life can be saved. Enjoy and learn from this miraculous life experience and maybe one day you will just say “Thank you”.

This is their story.

The book includes;


  • our personal history,
  • the Qld floods catastrophe,
  • the stroke,
  • the details of the innovative experimental surgery,
  • time spent in ICU,
  • Stroke rehab,
  • Rehab at Brighton,
  • Homoeopathy,
  • Young Living Essential Oils,
  • Nutrition,
  • Supplements,
  • First Aid info,
  • Diagnosing a stroke,
  • What is a stroke?